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Consumer Focus

Dealing with complaints

Even with good processes in place, things can go wrong and not every customer may leave happy. Sometimes an issue can be sorted out on the spot, on other occasions an issue/complaint may progress further, Róisín Tuohy, Customer Service Officer, SIMI.
You may not always agree with the customer or understand their grievance, but it is important to be open and receptive to their view. It is important at all times to maintain professionalism and respond calmly. Remember you are the face of the business. SIMI and Skillnet run invaluable Customer Service and Complaints Handling courses throughout the year, and we would strongly recommend staff in customer facing roles attend.
Many customers may approach SIMI to lodge a complaint, we always advise the customer to contact the company directly again before lodging their complaint. On processing the complaint, we send a notification to the company and ask for a formal response within ten days. It is important to respond back to the SIMI with a comprehensive, professional response, with appropriate documents (such as the sales contract, job cards etc). Polite, swift responses can go a long way to restoring goodwill with the customer, which can assist in resolving the matter.
The SIMI Consumer Complaints Service is there to assist both consumers and members to resolve their differences without the need to go down the legal route.